What’s a writer without a folio of work? Empty words I’d say, So here is a selection of pieces I’ve written over the years to enable anyone interested in hiring me to develop concepts, to write copy or pen articles, to see what I am capable of.  First up is a selection of print ads, followed by some brochures and press releases . Copies of articles follow. Samples of courses and lectures I’ve written can be supplied on demand.

Copywriting work:

1.Perfect Cheese campaign:

This campaign re-positioned Perfect Cheese as the authentic Italian Cheese. And rather than make idle claims, we proved it’s authenticity by sharing stories of how its founder – Natale Italiano (his real name) brought his family’s Italian recipes to Australia and set about making true Italian cheese. The campaign appeared in Lurzers Archive and won a New York Print Award. A selection of copy appears after the last ad.

Perfect Cheese re-positioning campaign Ad 1 of 4

Perfect Cheese re-positioning campaign Ad 2 of 4

Perfect Cheese re-positioning campaign Ad 3 of 4

Perfect Cheese re-positioning campaign Ad 4 of 4

A section of copy from the Perfect Cheese Mozzarella ad.

2. Thai Airways campaign

This campaign was created to allow Thai Airways to be reactive to other airline’s offers. We designed a dozen different ads that could be used to promote a pool of offers in a quick and cost effective manner.


Thai Airways special offer to travel direct to London (hence faster)

This special offer included a shopping spree

Mt Buller winter guide.

Every year I have the pleasure of writing the extensive Mt Buller winter guide. I love skiing so naturally love finding a different point of difference every year to thread through the headlines, subheads and copy. This is the 2011 guide, also available to view on line at under the Mountain tab.

The cover of the Mt Buller 2011 Winter Guide

First DPS of the 2011 Mt Buller Winter Guide

A selection of opening copy for the 1st DPS of the 2011 Mt Buller winter guide

2nd DPS of the 2011 Mt Buller Winter Guide

Location DPS for the 2011 Mt Buller Winter Guide

Easy & Fast to get to DPS for the 2011 Mt Buller Winter Guide

4. Delfin

I have created work for many Delfin properties and have written positioning pieces, brochures and newsletters.

Here are a couple of Living Option Magazines and a promotion for a Winter event called Hot Spots.:



DELWinter Hotspots DM


I worked on Monroe for year, and this is one of the print ads for their tough Gas Magnum struts.

Adopting tough language to sell a tough strut for off-road cars.


I have written many brochures for property developers and schools. Here is a sample of some of that work:

Wesley mini Prospectus:


Forest Resort 24 pg Brochure


Press releases:

Here is a Press releases written for Unitex:

Press release to announce an award winning house built using Uni-Shape mouldings by Unitex


Here is a selection of tongue-in-cheek pieces I wrote for Cleo

Writing about how to get rid of friends for Cleo stirred up a few questions from my own

The difficulty of accepting Praise was explored in this Article for Cleo’s facts of Life column.

Working at an ad agency in Vancouver and skiing at Whistler every weekend lead to this article for Ski Extra magazine designed to inspire Australian’s to apply for jobs as a ski instructor at Whistler/Blackcomb ski resort…(like you need to be inspired!).

Page one of an article on working as a ski instructor at Whislter/Blackcomb, Canada.

I love heights and have been known to leap off bridges (with a bungee) out of hot air balloons and airplanes. The latter lead to this article for a kids’ adventure magazine on Skydiving:

Page 1 of the skydiving article

Page 2 of skydiving article

A recent trip to Spain with my tennis coach husband resulted in this co-authored article on how and why Spain are leading the world in tennis for Tennis Australia magazine:

Page 1 of the article on winning tennis – Spanish style

I love to travel and love to read travel books and guides. This article for the Melbourne Herald Sun shared some tips on how to use guides to make the most of your travel experience.

A guide on using travel guides.


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