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A capital mistake

i would like to rant a little about the misuse of lowercase i in emails, SMS and now, even reports and copy.

How can anyone take a message seriously when the person typing it cannot be bothered using a capital I ?

Why is it so hard to tap one more key to produce a capital? The iPad – and most computers,  actually do it for you if you forget! Although Apple are somewhat to blame with their iPhone, iPad, iBook all using a small i and encouraging the habit.

Consider literature with an i.

From “In search of lost time” by Marcel Proust

“i seized every pretext for going down to the beach at the hours when i hoped to succeed in finding them there. Having caught sight of them once while we were at luncheon, i now invariably came in late for it, waiting interminably upon the ‘front’ for them to pass;”


Or copy in an ad

– just picture this headline (and the copy) with a lowercase i

imagine this headline (and copy) with a lowercase 


Even an apology is belittled by a little i

i am really sorry i forgot your birthday. i know how important it was to you and i do consider our friendship very important and i will never forget again.


In all three examples the integrity of the message is compromised and the sincerity diminished all because of one little I.


The problem is that once we let the I slip, what next? capitals at the start of sentences? Names in all lower case? And don’t even get me started on the loss of punctuation which stems from the loss of actual words.  r u with me?


All those in favour of correct capitalisation, say I!

(Better still, type it.)




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